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Farmers markets are the finest places to source your fresh fruit and vegetables, along with your meat, home baking and even arts and crafts in the United Kingdom. Farmers markets are governed by very strict rules and regulations that ensure that any food you purchase comes from farmers, growers, suppliers and producers all located within a small radius of the farmers markets themselves. This ensures that you can be certain you are eating only locally sourced, environmentally friendly foodstuffs that have a minimum carbon footprint; straight from the fields to your plate! Farmers markets are an excellent way to get to know your local merchants; not only will farmers themselves attend the markets but many smokers, butchers, bakers and various other trades will also attend so you can sample some of the finest tasting and highest quality foods available.

If you wish to be more aware of the origins of your foods then farmers markets are the perfect place for you to shop. You can provide the sellers with valued feedback about their produce and develop a rapport with local suppliers and providers of food, and if you are health concious then you will find farmers markets will quickly become must visit destinations on your weekly shop. If you have any queries or questions about the items you are purchasing you can ask the person who grew or reared the food personally, there are no middle-men or global corporations preventing you from finding out more about the food that you eat and feed to your friends and family.

You can also be certain that your food is healthy and fresh, and not full of artificial preservatives to keep it fresh on the shelves for longer. Many farmers who attend markets are fully certified as providers of organic produce; however even if the food you are purchasing is not organic you can rest assured that it is as wholesome and healthy as it can possibly be and best of all you will be supporting your local economy by purchasing from farmers markets. These markets are the healthy, fresh, vibrant and colourful shop front for local farmers and and providers across the United Kingdom.

From Derbyshire Farmers Markets all the way through to Suffolk Farmers Markets we have them all!

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Gibsons Farm Shop
Our all new store on Crockshard Hill just outside Wingham is now open. You c Gibsons Farm Shop is a family run business, Jeff and Andrew are the 6 th ...
Expect to find local specialities, mouth watering cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs, top quality meat and game, dairy produce, freshly...
Lincoln Farmers' Market
Lincoln boasts 3 separate venues for Farmers' Market. Lincoln Castle and Cathedral form a perfect backdrop for a market in Castle Square and is only a...
Chester le Street Farmers Market
1st Tuesday of month 9am - 3pm
Chesterfield Farmers Market
Chesterfield farmers market is one of the Peak Districts leading farmers markets. The market itself runs from 10am - 4pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
Cambridge Art and Craft Market
All Saints Garden gets its name from the church which once stood here. Nowadays, it is a delightful tree-shaded haven in the heart of historic Cambridge,...
Bramhall Village Club
There are 25 stalls selling locally produced fine foods. Including breads, meats, sausages, fresh vegetables, pies, delicatessen produce and a wide range of...
The Druid Inn
The Druid Inn Derbyshire tradition..contemporary style. This country Inn is situated in the beautiful village of Birchover in the heart of the Peak...
Gog Magog Hills Farm shop
The name 'Gog Magog Hills' is taken from the hills upon which our farm lies. Some say that Gog Magog was the name of a legendary giant whose lair was in ...
Coventry Farmers Market
It is generally accepted by most farmers’ markets that stall holders must have grown, bred, caught, pickled, brewed or baked the goods themselves....
Crawley Market
Crawley’s markets are held in the High Street, in the paved area from the Jubilee Oak down to Ifield Road and in Queens Square. Buses run to and from...
Brigg Farmers Market
The Brigg Farmers Market has been running since 2000 and is proving to be an attraction for many visitors to Brigg, North Lincolnshire who come to the market...
Solihull Farmers Market
Solihull's Farmers Market is located on the busy High Street on the first Friday of the month from 9:00 till 16:00
Petworth Farmers' Market
Chichester, Petworth and Midhurst Farmers' Markets are certified with FARMA (National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association). This means our markets are...
Preston Farmers Market
You’ll find lots of information about this exciting city centre event and the benefits of shopping at a farmers’ market. You can...
Derby Farmers' Market
Farmers Markets More than ever, Farmers' Markets are good for farmers, rural communities, market towns, the environment, your health and your taste buds. As...
Farmers Markets Rotherham
The market is new to Rotherham, the introduction will encourage city centre shopping and raise the profile of great local producers in the area. The market is...
Spring Lane Farm Shop (Farm Shop)
We are a family run retail business with a friendly staff team. Here at Spring Lane Farm we offer a range of fresh local vegetables, fruit, cheeses, preserves,...
Callestick Farm Shop
Our farm is located in the heart of Cornwall, only minutes from the North coast where the air is clean and the grass is green. Our cows roam the pastures...
Chartham Farmers Market
Chartham has been without a Village Hall for over 20 years and when we finally opened the doors of our new Hall in November 2007 one of the first events the...
Wolverhampton Farmers Market
Wolverhampton Farmers' Market takes place on the first Friday of every month in Dudley Street including craft stalls and fresh farm produce. ...